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Die SS-Division Totenkopf, später in SS-Panzergrenadier-Division „Totenkopf“ und 3. SS-Panzer-Division „Totenkopf“ umbenannt, war eine Division der. Die SS-Division Totenkopf, später in SS-Panzergrenadier-Division „Totenkopf“ und 3. SS-Panzer-Division „Totenkopf“ umbenannt, war eine Division der. SS-Panzer-Division „Hitlerjugend“ · Waffen-Gebirgs-Division der SS „ Handschar“ (kroatische Nr. 1) · Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (galizische Nr. 1). Auch Albaner, die als Soldaten der jugoslawischen Beste Spielothek in Breitenburg finden mehrere Jahre in deutscher Kriegsgefangenschaft zugebracht hatten, wurden rekrutiert. Tappert gehörte als einfacher SS-Mann spätestens im Frühjahr zur This file depicts the coat of arms of a German Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts corporation governed by public law. Die Albaner erschienen jetzt als disziplinlos und arbeitsscheu. März doch noch dem Dreimächtepakt beigetreten war. Sie bestand aufgrund der hohen Verluste in der Sowjetunion nahezu vollständig aus lottogewinn abfragen Soldaten, die kaum noch aus dem KZ-Personal rekrutiert wurden. Eigentlich enthält die Karteikarte nur wenige relevante Informationen: Juni bis zum Zu dieser Gewalt sei er entschlossen, wisse Beste Spielothek in Mettenham finden noch nicht genau, wann und wie er sie eurojackpot gewinnzahlen aktuell wolle. Interessanterweise wurde Tapperts SS-Personalkarteikarte im Februar und im Frühjahr erneut bearbeitet; die Hintergründe dafür sind unklar. Oktober von einem britischen Militärgericht zum Tode verurteilt und am Die SS-Totenkopf-Division wurde ursprünglich ab dem Da dazu keine personenbezogenen Informationen vorliegen, bliebt nur die Annäherung über die Einheit, zu der Tappert gehört hat.

I have discussed this ability to ignore the facts even when they are staring you in the face and Canada's peculiar brand of this phenomenon in my introductory article " The Canada Syndrome, a Captivating Mass Psychosis " which appeared in Captive Canada.

This has also recently generated a line of discussion elsewhere on rabble. To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient.

He stands for honesty, truth, resistance to totalitarianism and obviously opposes the propaganda of "Big Brother. Hope this too generates some additional friendly discussion and debate here on whether my articles about neofascists in Canada, and other issues, should be barred from posting on rabble.

So are you saying that everyone here who has a handle is afraid to use their real name? If we want to get specific that is one of the things about your articles I have a problem with.

Making false associations and innuendo like the fact a soldier fought in a war being an example of right wing elements in a community or leaving out information to make someone look bad like regularly mentioning J.

Woodsworth's letter regarding Jake Penner with no context of the history between the two men. One other reason I picked the name, Richard, is the fact that the media in Orwell's dystopia could change their version of reality on a dime, and make what was true one day a lie the next, as it suited their political ends.

Pretty much what happened with the official story about Ukraine, and the Ukrainian community here when it went from being part of the family to the time when people started pointing out atrocities, and wanting self-determination.

If I remember correctly I said I appreciate your research insofar as it reflects things which in fact happened. Fact is, the way you tie it all together is not entirely accurate.

Not regarding the internment, not in equating Ukrainian integration in Canadian society with right wing support of empire, and not in equating grievances and self-determination with pro fascism.

Like I said, we have had real fascist movements here in Canada, in communities that weren't branded enemy aliens, forced to register, and could be sent to a camp at any time for no reason at all.

No one is preventing mention of the Galicia Battalion and its atrocities here. It gets talked about all the time, at least since the uprising in Ukraine.

And really, no one is preventing talk about right wing elements in the Ukrainian community. For myself, I just think it is worth pointing out when I see an ulterior motive, omissions and inaccuracies, and when I see evidence used in a way that doesn't reflect what really happened, or which magnifies it out of context.

If anything, it is because your articles are full of facts, many of which are true, that I think it is important to remind people to look for what you leave out, and when you make associations that are not supported.

No, as you well know, I never said all people who use "handles" were "afraid. But at least this time you asked if that was what I was saying.

So again, no, you know it wasn't. I was pointing out the irony of your Orwellian moniker, considering the fact that you said you couldn't see any Ukrainian fascists in our midst even when I had pointed right at them with names and links in my articles.

You have continued to turn away from the facts about these neofascists in your most recent response which makes no mention of this issue of your wilful blindness and doublethink.

You are doing what you say I do, which is to leave out facts. This reveals your continuing unwillingness to face the reality of what I was saying in my articles.

Of course we all include and leave out facts when we make an argument. How could we do otherwise? Even 20 billion pages could not include all of the facts.

Imagine the complaints I'd get if my articles were even longer, with even more references? It would take too long for me to document for your benefit, again and again, the arguments that I have already made in my arguments.

You bring up JSWoodsworth who you refuse to believe was a xenophobic racist even though his words -- which i quote extensively support that , his refusal to assist Penner or other communists who were unjustly interned, and the Ukrainian WWI veteran who is still revered as a great hero by the Cdn govt and the Ukrainian right because he received a medal from the King for his contribution to the British empire, which I still believe makes it reasonable for me to refer to as an example of support for imperialism.

I stand by what I wrote about all of these other issues until you are able to present some facts that convince me otherwise. That seems to me to suggest that whoever complained must have said they didn't think i should post my articles and that this complaint has led the moderator to caution me not to post further articles here.

I am presuming here that MegB is a moderator or has some authority within rabble to caution me not to post my work to this forum. She if she is a she did not identify herself as a moderator, or explain who she was.

I guess i am supposed to know that. Sorry i don't know you MegB. But, of course, my ignorance is no excuse. Could someone please explain whether I am in fact allowed continue to do what the stated purpose of this forum says that I am allowed to do?

Also, perhaps someone could step forward and explain the exact nature of the complaint against my posting original articles here, isn't that what we are supposed to do?

Without being given the ability to read the exact complaints lodged against me, I am feeling a bit like Winston Smith, although i remain.

Meg B is our moderator we have a seasonal mod called Old Goat. Moderation seems to be complaint-driven nowadays. Perhaps this reflects the lack of hours the moderator is given to do her job.

Don't be surprised if you do not get a summary of the complaint against you. That might take time from the mod that, well, she doesn't have.

Meg also, sometimes, participates in discussion which can be unnerving because it's not clear that she's not wearing her moderator "hat".

But this is a side point. This board has a long history, going back to I have been a member since May of that year. We have far fewer participants, or moderators now than we once had.

I mention the former because, IMHO, we had plenty of "lurkers" who helped us self-moderate and who made discussion here much more interesting.

I mention skdadl, Boom Boom, etc. If you want to start a discussion, feel free to do so. I find that if I spend the little time to quote extensively from an article, even most of it, that, as long as I do not quote the article in its entirety, then I'm pretty well OK to be free from the kind of complaint that you got.

I get lots and lots of complaints for other stuff. I quote Margaret Atwood on that: Nolite te bastardes carborundorum! I think posting the article here in its entirety makes more sense and fits with the purpose of this forum which is: But in this case, I'm posting my own articles so this does not contravene issues of copyright, especially when I want people to spread them around.

The purpose of writing these articles is for people to read them, learn something, provoke discussion Frankly i don't understand how the complaint could be legitimate, or taken seriously, but then again, i don't know what the complaint said, and i never will I can only guess as I did not send it , but I expect it was about posting whole articles, Richard.

That is to say, a technical point, not any attempt to muzzle you. If you are concerned about being accused of something without knowing why you could always PM MegB and ask.

Long posts are bad for other reasons ; it's harder to jump to the next post if you've already read the first post, thread length gets awkward, and so on.

Go ahead and see if you can find it and read it. You'll be a babble master in no time. However, what most people are unaware of, in large part due to an ever-more corrupted media, is that these governments have a shocking history of protecting the perpetrators of some of the most terrible crimes of that war.

One of the most egregious examples of this practice of shielding war-criminals from justice was confirmed in with the declassification of British Home Office papers showing that the British government protected at least 8, members of the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division An interesting component to these documents and particularly to the solicitations of the Canadian MP Panchuk, was the appeal to sympathy for the men of the Galitsia Division due to their fighting against Russians and communists I looked at the list and saw that it no longer contains these veterans groups!

They were there when I wrote the articles for Captive Canada. So I checked the "wayback machine. You will see 5 snapshots of that page from Interestingly, the UCC stopped listing these fascist groups as members sometime between May 8, and Oct 7, My research was published in April.

If you look at the first snapshot from , the groups are listed there. So for at least 6 years they had been listing these groups as their members and then they just disappear from the list.

May be just a coincidence. Did the last of the vets die off? Anyone want to check if these associations still exist? Give Paul a call, see if he'll talk The relevant section of Paul Grod's quote on that day is this: The reason that he does not seem to "pay tribute" to the Waffen SS on that day is that about one week before the war ended, the Ukrainian Waffen SS Galicia cleverly changed their name to the "1st Ukrainian Division of the Ukrainian National Army".

The Nazis were getting a bad name, a new era was coming, better change their spots I was going to post that the Nazis are still part of the UCC, and hailed as patriots by the UCC, but I defer to your chapter and verse proof of that proposition.

Our politicians - from Justin Trudeau to Cheri DiNovo to Peggy Nash and I won't bother with the rest of the list - need to be held to account for their support for these collaborators with Nazism and falsifiers of history and of the present.

Those politicians who can honestly plead ignorance, deserve to be informed. I just want to point out that Western complicity with Allies of the Reich is by no means restricted to those from Ukraine.

Of course I'm far more knowledgeable about Italian history including Italian migration to the Canadian state and while there was a draconian screening of suspected Communists and other leftists, very few questions were asked about former Fascists.

This is not "whataboutery": Even in occupied countries such as France, many collaborators were able to continue in politics and other careers unhindered.

Clearly, anti-communism even of the pathological fascist kind is a kind of "get-out-of-jail-free-card" for these fascists mentioned.

And the "blessings" of anti-communism thereby continue to this day. They would continue were communists to disappear from the earth. Yes, I believe that this is important to put this in context.

Unfortunately, the Nazis found a great deal of support in virtually every country they invaded. Some of the best units in their army were made of volunteers from occupied countries.

We have been fed a diet in movies and TV of valiant resistant fighters struggling against Nazi tyranny while the truth is those who actively opposed the Nazis were a minority and a small one at that usually.

Or it could be that he was talking about exactly what he said - the division reformed in under allegiance to Ukraine.

Or certainly to make a distinction between collaboration with the Nazis, and those who took part in atrocities, and those who did not, and whose goal was to defend Ukraine from the Soviets.

And you know, it isn't so much a matter of denying collaboration with the Nazis and commission of atrocities by those who did, but more leaving out the context of a struggle where all the major parties collaborated with the Nazis at some point, and some in all camps committed atrocities.

The division would never have been formed in the first place had it not been for a far greater collaboration and subsequent betrayal. Kind of like dismissing the Sich as "imperialists".

The only difference in the east is that it was their dogma to equate the fascists with the capitalists, and claim the Nazis were all "over there".

So it was pretty important and remains important to deny any collaboration with the Nazis to keep up their reputation as the power that saved the world from Nazism.

After all, it is kind of hard to justify an anti-fascist protection wall when you are hiring former fascists.

Yes, I actually have one remaining friend who was a Resistance fighter as a very young man in Normandy - he is 95 now. The ruthless and genocidal Nazis often had a seemingly odd regard for "rank".

He was among prominent prisoners held as "hostages", and was saved by the arrival of Allied forces in May Smith, the division didn't "reform in ," it changed it's bloody SS name just a week or so before the war's foreseeable end in order to cover its bloody tracks.

Who falls for such shallow deception? These Ukrainianian Nazis were armed, financed, organised and following direct orders from German high command.

You think they suddenly became saints at the very end of the war after all their carnage? Why are you trying to make it sound like the jury is still out on these guys?

They weren't all that bad, everyone was responsible for a little collaboration and atrocity here and there.

You want us to cut them some slack. They were fighting Soviets afterall and so that is okay? And, what about the Poles? You also forgot that these Nazis massacred hundreds a hundred thousand civilians of Polish heritage living in the Ukraine?

One group of people we should not forget that these Ukrainian Nazis wiped out were Unionists family, as he told us all on December 11, , above.

So let's not leave them out of our narrative either. You do not mention the huge difference between the fascists that worked for the Stasi in the source you included and the fascists that worked, say, for the US.

Sommer was instrumental in the bombing of seven synagogues in Paris in October But after World War II, he spent years spying on right-wing politicians for the new regime in East Germany, and was later posted to Italy where he continued to do the same.

Nazis blackmailed i n to worki n g for commu n ists. But the book claims that Läritz was considered vital because he had compromising information about other Nazi operatives who were then blackmailed into joining the Stasi as well , Leide said.

For example, Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen deliberately turned himself in to the Americans when the war was seen to be almost over and kindly offered his knowledge, skills, services, files, contacts, and former personnel to help the new war against the Soviets.

He was not blackmailed into joining. He was generously rewarded, reunited with his old Nazi buddies, they got all their files on the fascist armies that had been helping the Nazis fight the communists in Eastern European countries like Ukraine and he started the Gehlen Org and he was made Chief of the West German secret police.

The US also brought over the Nazi rocket scientists who led the US space program like Wernher von Braun , as well a Nazi scientists who ran truly wicked experiments on Jews and communists in concentration camps.

They wanted to join! And yet you make it sound like the exact same process of recruiting Nazis was going on East and West.

You equate the two. Putting a military force under the command of a different nation actually is a significant change. And the accusations of atrocities never were levelled at the division as a whole, but against battalions within it.

I am not saying the jury is out that is to say, I take the accusations seriously , but extrapolating it to "these guys" is a gross overstatement.

To imply that they all took part in atrocities is false. As for them fighting Soviets, yes, I think fighting the country that committed genocide against Ukraine by famine and forced relocation is a valid reason for wanting to take up arms.

That's why I think the distinction is a significant one. It is also worth remembering that Stalin's complicity wasn't just at the battalion level.

His country signed a treaty to enforce Nazi anti-Jewish laws in the areas of Poland they invaded. Committing their own mass slaughter of Poles, then later blaming it on the Nazis?

I expect he did that for his own purposes. In the context of the discussion about its name change in , you brought up the "reform in Do you think the Waffen SS was put under th command of another nation in ?

Where'd you get that from? MAYBE, just maybe, it came "under th command of another nation" when in the very last days before the war's end they changed their bloody name.

But even that is a big stretch. Unless you think the Waffen SS Galicia was a nation unto itself. Who was commanding it in those last few days? Good to hear at least that you "take the accusations seriously".

However, with all the evidence and facts now at our disposal, I think we are safe to be sure now that "accusations" of mass murder and participation in genocide are absolutely true.

But since these are still just "accusations" I guess we need to keep an open mind, like you, and give them the benefit of the doubt.

After all there must have been some innocent guys amongst them and that counts for something. How is that any difference? This isn't about former Nazis and their motivation.

It is about the state using them and protecting them from prosecution, as the DDR did in this case. That justifies not putting them on trial?

Please spare me the backhanded compliments. I call them accusations because that is what they are. I do not doubt that they were committed.. But the question is who among these 13, soldiers committed them, and who did not.

The accusations were not levelled at the division as a whole, so it is not a case of "innocent guys amongst them", but rather whole units that never had anything to do with it.

Thanks for the article about the very few German scientists who went to work for the Soviets. You didn't mention Gehlen.

Did the Soviets also put Nazis into powerful positions after WWII like the US did and employ them to to run huge programs to wage the continuing war against communism?

As for the thousands of Ukrainians brought to Cda after the war in which they fought against us and our allies under the Nazi banner, the Canadian government did not take much care to go through that immigrant list and eliminate those involved in the atrocities.

They did not purge what you might call the "bad apples" from the thousands of soldiers fighting for the Nazis that they were so excited to welcome to Canada against the very strong opposition of the Cdn Jewish Congress and the left-wing Ukrainian organisations.

You talk about "whole units that never had anything to do with it" but these were "whole units" of soldiers who were armed, trained, equipped and following direct orders from Nazi command.

And, they were volunteers who wore SS uniforms. So despite you saying that somehow they "never had anything to do with it," they did indeed have something "to do with it.

Again, the question of why people were protected from prosecution is also valid, especially for a nation which prides itself on its anti-Nazi reputation.

Wearing a uniform is a war crime? And being a soldier is a war crime if you happen to be on a side which is guilty of war crimes? And the fact that the government of Canada failed to make sure some immigrants were not lying is completely irrelevant to the question of who took part in war crimes, and who did not.

While you say Canada is "a nation which prides itself on its anti-Nazi reputation" this is -- of course -- dubious since we should all know that Prime Minister King and his Liberal government.

Debunking Canada's bogus "reputation" is something we should all try to encourage. That's what I am trying to do. Can we agree on whether this is a good thing to do?

I brought up the fact that thousands of Ukrainian Waffen SS soldiers who came to Canada ALL wore uniforms and were ALL trained, armed, financed and led by the Nazis because you said some of them "had nothing to do with it".

That's some of the worst lying shit I've ever heard on this board. My family lived for 21 months under Soviet occupation.

It wasn't pleasant, but there was no persecution of Jews. When the Soviets retreated after Barbarossa began - that's when they were all murdered.

With the assistance of the Ukrainian fascist militias that you are trying to whitewash here. This discussion is making me sick. Reversing the verdict on the Nazis and their filthy murdering helpers.

I also tried to find some evidence of it and could not find it. Do you have a source to verify this? I have a source. Please do not feed this neo-Nazi bullshit.

I don't give a fuck who signed what with whom. Equating the wartime Soviet Union with Hitler's Germany is a crime against humanity in my book.

Within a couple of years, the unit grew into a band of common criminals. In contrast to those who served in the German penal battalions for committing minor offences, the recruits sent into Dirlewanger's band were convicted of major crimes such as premeditated murder , rape, arson and burglary.

Dirlewanger provided them with an opportunity to commit atrocities on such a scale that even the SS executioners complained.

By September , the formation numbered over men. Dirlewanger was appointed an SS- Obersturmführer by Himmler.

With the influx of criminals, the emphasis on poachers was now lost, though many of the former poachers rose to NCO ranks to train the unit.

Those convicted of other more severe crimes, including the criminally insane, joined the unit. As the unit strength grew, it was placed under the command of the SS-Totenkopfverbände the formation responsible for the administration of the concentration camps and redesignated as the SS-Sonderbataillon Dirlewanger.

By February the number of men in the battalion doubled to half of them Volksdeutsche. During the organization's time in the Soviet Union, Dirlewanger burned women and children alive and let starved packs of dogs feed on them.

On 1 August , the Dirlewanger was assigned to guard duties in the region of Lublin site of a Nazi-established "Jew reservation" established under the Nisko Plan in the General Government territory of occupied Poland.

His complaints resulted in its transfer to Belarus in February The Dirlewanger resumed so-called anti-partisan activities in this area, working in cooperation with the Kaminski Brigade , a militia of Russians under the command of Bronislav Kaminski.

Dirlewanger's preferred method of operation was to gather civilians in a barn, set it on fire and shoot with machine guns anyone who tried to escape; the victims of his unit numbered about 30, A ratio such as that was possible only when the victims were unarmed civilians.

In September , the unit murdered 8, Jews in Baranovichi ghetto and then a further people labeled "bandits" and 1, "bandit suspects". On 17 August , the expansion of the Dirlewanger to regimental size was authorized.

Recruits were to come from criminals, Eastern volunteers Osttruppen and military delinquents. The second battalion was established in February when the regiment's strength reached men, of whom were anti-communists from Soviet territory; and the unit was redesignated as the SS-Sonderregiment Dirlewanger.

In May , the eligibility to volunteer for service in the regiment was extended to all criminals and as a result men convicted of the most severe crimes were absorbed into the regiment.

May and June saw the unit taking part in Operation Cottbus , an anti-partisan operation. In August , the creation of a third battalion was authorised.

With its expansion, the Dirlewanger was allowed to display rank insignia and a unique collar patch at first crossed rifles, later crossed stick grenades.

During this period, the regiment saw heavy fighting; Dirlewanger himself led many assaults. In November , the regiment was committed to front-line action with Army Group Centre in an attempt to halt the Soviet advance, and suffered extreme casualties due to ineptitude.

Dirlewanger received the German Gold Cross on 5 December in recognition of his earnestness, but by 30 December , the unit consisted of only men. Large numbers of amnestied criminals were sent to rebuild the regiment and by late February , the regiment was back up to full strength.

It was decided that Eastern volunteers would no longer be admitted to the unit, as the Russians had proven to be particularly unreliable in combat.

Anti-partisan operations continued until June , when the Soviets launched Operation Bagration , which was aimed at the destruction of Army Group Centre.

The Dirlewanger was caught up in the retreat and began falling back to Poland. The regiment sustained heavy casualties during several rearguard actions but reached Poland.

In what became known as the Wola massacre , Kaminski and Dirlewanger personnel indiscriminately massacred Polish combatants along with civilian men, women and children, in the Wola District of Warsaw.

Up to 40, civilians were murdered in Wola in less than two weeks of August, including all hospital patients and staff.

Regarding an incident in which small children were murdered, Schenck stated:. After the door of the building was blown off we saw a daycare-full of small children, around ; all with small hands in the air.

Even Dirlewanger 's own people called him a butcher; he ordered to kill them all. The shots were fired, but he requested his men to save the ammo and finish them off with rifle-butts and bayonets.

Blood and brain matter flowed in streams down the stairs. The regiment had arrived in Warsaw numbering only enlisted personnel and 16 officers, but had soon received 2, replacements.

However, the resistance inflicted extremely high casualties on Dirlewanger during fighting in Warsaw. By 3 October , the remaining Polish insurgents had surrendered and the depleted regiment spent the next month guarding the line along the Vistula.

In early October, it was decided to upgrade the Dirlewanger again, this time to a Waffen-SS combat brigade.

Accordingly, it was redesignated 2. SS-Sturmbrigade Dirlewanger in December , [1] and had soon reached its complement of 4, men. When the Slovak National Uprising began in late August , the newly formed brigade was committed to action.

The conduct of the brigade played a large part in putting down the rebellion, and by 30 October the uprising was put down. With the outcome of the war no longer in doubt, large numbers of communist and socialist political prisoners began applying to join the Dirlewanger in the hope of defecting to the Soviets.

With his extensive combat experience, Schmedes became the unofficial advisor to Dirlewanger on front line combat.

In December, the brigade was sent to the front in Hungary. While several newly formed battalions made up of communist and socialist volunteers fell apart, several other battalions fought well.

In February , orders were given to expand the brigade to a division; however, before this could begin it was sent north to the Oder-Neisse line in an attempt to halt the Soviet advance.

On 14 February , the brigade was redesignated as the Individual Sturmpionier demolition engineers had already been attached to the force during the fighting in Warsaw.

When the final Soviet offensive began on 16 April , the division was pushed back to the northeast. The next day, Oskar Dirlewanger was seriously wounded in combat for the twelfth time.

He was sent to the rear and Schmedes immediately assumed command; Dirlewanger would not return to the division.

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Hingegen kamen mehrere Tausend ehemalige Angehörige dieser Einheiten, darunter viele, die juristisch wegen begangener Kriegsverbrechen zu verfolgen gewesen wären, völlig ungeschoren davon. Damit stellte er alle Weichen für eine Gleichschaltung des Militärs sogenannte militärische Machtergreifung , der einzigen Institution, welche die unumschränkte Macht des NS-Regimes noch ernsthaft hätte gefährden können; sie verlor in der Folge ihr militärisches Monopol im Deutschen Reich. Suche Suche Login Logout. November, eine knappe Woche nach Beginn des italienischen Überfalls, gingen die Griechen zum Gegenangriff über. Sie drängten die Italiener bis nach Albanien zurück, und sie wären wohl noch weiter gekommen, hätte Hitler nicht eingegriffen. Armee zugewiesen und nach Dno verlegt.

Next on the 3. SS Panzergrenadier Division's roster of commanders was Herman Priess who served for two months in Picking up where he left off was commander Heinz Lammerding who again served only for a month in Max Simon however served for five months in When he left, Herman Priess once again took up the position serving from to The final commander of the 3.

Division was Hellmuth Becker who served from to SS Panzergrenadier Division consisted the 5. SS Panzergrenadier Regiments along with the 2.

Also included were the 3. SS Pioneer Battalion, 3. SS Panzerjäger Battalion, 3. SS Flak Battalion, 3. SS Panzer Battalion, and several other units within the division.

From Orphanage Hill, the rear side of the town of Narva could be protected. Despite the death of the Nordland Division's commander, Gruppenführer Fritz von Scholz , killed in action and the subsequent deaths of the commanders of the Norge and Danmark Regiments, the division helped to hold onto Orphanage Hill and it destroyed tanks between 27 and 29 July.

The city fell on 12 October; by the end of the month, all Waffen SS units had been withdrawn into what was known as the Courland Pocket.

From late October to December , the Nordland fought fierce defensive battles in the pocket; by early December the divisional strength was down to 9, men.

In January , the division was ordered to the Baltic port of Libau, where it was shipped out of the pocket to Pomerania.

The division disembarked at Stettin, with the Panzer Battalion Hermann von Salza being sent on to Gotenhafen for refitting.

In early February , the refitted Panzer Battalion returned to the division, and a trickle of reinforcements began arriving.

The offensive had been conceived by Generaloberst Heinz Guderian as a massed assault all along the front but had then been reduced by Hitler to the level of a local counter-attack.

Initially, Nordland's attack achieved a total tactical surprise and the division soon advanced to the banks of Lake Ihna in all sectors.

However, as the Soviet forces realized what was happening, resistance grew stiffer and the advance began to slow. On 17 February, the division reached Arnswalde and relieved the exhausted garrison.

Over the next few days the town was secured and the surviving civilians were evacuated. By 21 February the conclusion was arrived-at that no more useful gains could be made against an increasingly powerful enemy without incurring undue casualties, so Steiner ordered a general withdrawal back to the north bank of the Ihna.

In a desperate fighting withdrawal, the Nordland and the rest of III Germanic SS Panzer Corps inflicted heavy casualties on the Soviet forces; but by 4 March, the division was falling back to Altdamm , the last defensive position east of the Oder itself.

During the next two weeks, Nordland grimly held onto the town, inflicting and suffering heavy casualties. On 19 March, the battered defenders fell back behind the Oder, the Danmark and Norge regiments had fought virtually to the last man.

The division was ordered back to the area west of Schwedt - Bad Freinwalde for a refit. The division's strength was replenished with the addition of several vehicles and some personnel from the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.

On 16 April, Nordland was ordered back into the line east of Berlin. Despite recent replenishment, the division was still grossly understrength and, with the exception of the French and Spanish, many of the new recruits had little, if any combat experience.

From 17 to 20 April, the division was involved in constant combat all along its front, and was pushed back into the city itself.

On 24 April, the main Soviet assault was towards the Treptow Park area, which the rest of the Pioneer battalion and the few remaining Tiger tanks of Panzer battalion Hermann von Salza were defending.

Obersturmbannführer Kausch led the few tanks and armoured vehicles in a counterattack and succeeded in temporarily halting the enemy advance at the cost of some of his last vehicles.

However, by midday, the 5th Shock Army was able to advance again. On 25 April, Brigadeführer Gustav Krukenberg was appointed the commander of Berlin Defence Sector C which included the Nordland Division, whose previous commander, Joachim Ziegler , was relieved of his command the same day.

The arrival of the French SS men bolstered the Nordland Division whose "Norge" and "Danmark" Panzergrenadier regiments had been decimated in the fighting.

They each roughly equalled a battalion. By 26 April, with Neukölln heavily penetrated by Soviet combat groups, Krukenberg prepared fallback positions for Sector C defenders around Hermannplatz.

He moved his headquarters into the opera house. As the Nordland Division fell back towards Hermannplatz the French SS and one-hundred Hitler Youth attached to their group destroyed 14 Soviet tanks with panzerfausts ; one machine gun position by the Halensee bridge managed to hold up any Soviet advance in that area for 48 hours.

On 27 April, after a spirited but futile defence, the remnants of Nordland were pushed back into the central government district Zitadelle sector in Defence sectore Z.

For the next few days, the few survivors of the division held out against overwhelming odds. On 30 April, after receiving news of Hitler's suicide, orders were issued that those who could do so were to break out.

Prior to that Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke briefed all commanders that could be reached within the Zitadelle sector about the events as to Hitler's death and the planned breakout.

There were ten main groups that attempted to head north west towards Mecklenburg. Fierce fighting continued all around, especially in the Weidendammer Bridge area.

What was left of the Nordland Division under Krukenberg fought hard in that area but Soviet artillery and anti-tank guns were too strong. The Nordland' s last Tiger was knocked out attempting to cross the Weidendammer Bridge.

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