Nfl divisional round

nfl divisional round

Jan. Und dann waren es nur mehr acht. Die NFL geht in die Divisional Playoffs mit vier Schlüsselspielen am kommenden Wochenende. Jan. Das NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend live auf PULS 4: Am Samstag, den Jänner treffen die Atlanta Falcons auf die Philadelphia Eagles. Entspricht dem Achtelfinale. In dieser Runde haben die Teams #1 und #2 immer. Sehen wir den besten Drew Brees? Die Expertentipps für die Championship Games prosiebenmaxx. Icke und Volker Lottozahlen am freitag diskutieren. Sonst endest du noch als Netman! Januar standen vier weitere Partien aus den beiden Conferences auf dem Programm.

It was contested in early January following the — 69 seasons. Though official playoff games at the time they were played, the NFL now officially classifies these ten games and statistics as exhibitions, not as playoff games.

There was no tie-breaker system in place, so ties atop the Eastern Division final standings in and Western Division in necessitated playoff games to determine each division's representative in the championship.

For the season, a first round was added whereby each division winner played the second-place team from the other division.

In its last year , the AAFC would merge its two conferences when one of its teams folded, and use a four-team playoff system. In , the aforementioned issue of playoff inequity came into play when the San Francisco 49ers would miss the playoffs with a 12—2 record; they were in the same conference as the 14—0 Cleveland Browns , who would go on to win the Western Conference and then the AAFC's championship game against the 7—7 Buffalo Bills AAFC.

The success of the rival league would eventually lead to a full merger of the two leagues. When the leagues merged in , the new NFL with 26 teams reorganized into two conferences of three divisions each.

From the season to the season, four teams from each conference for a total of eight teams qualified for the playoffs each year.

These four teams included the three division champions, and a fourth wild-card team. Originally, the home teams in the playoffs were decided based on a yearly rotation.

The league did not institute a seeding system for the playoffs until , where the surviving clubs with the higher seeds were made the home teams for each playoff round.

However, two teams from the same division could not meet prior to the conference championship game. Following an expansion of the regular season from 14 to 16 games in the season , the league added one more wild-card team for each conference.

The two wild-card teams played the week before the division winners. The winner of this game played the top seeded division winner as was done from — The league continued to prohibit intra-divisional games in the divisional playoffs, but allowed such contests in the wild-card round.

During the strike-shortened season , only nine regular season games were played, and a modified playoff format was instituted. Divisional play was ignored there were some cases where division rivals had both games wiped out by the strike, although each division ultimately sent at least one team to the playoffs , and the top eight teams from each conference based on W-L-T record were advanced to the playoffs.

As a result, this became the first time that teams with losing records qualified for the playoffs: Several times between —89, the two wild-card games had to be played on different days.

Normally they both would be held on Sunday. In and , the games were split between Saturday and Monday because Sunday was Christmas, and the NFL had avoided playing on that day at the time.

In , both games were played in the Pacific Time Zone , so they had to be played on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate for time differences. In , both the New York Giants and Jets hosted wild-card games.

As they have shared a home stadium since , the games had to be played on different days. For the season , a third wild-card team for each conference was added, expanding the playoffs to the current twelve teams.

The lowest-seeded division winner was then "demoted" to the wild-card weekend. Also, the restrictions on intra-divisional games during the divisional playoffs were removed.

The season became the first time that playoff games were played in prime time. The format continued until the expansion and reorganization into eight divisions.

In this current format, as explained above , the 4 division winners and 2 wild cards are seeded 1—6, with the top 2 seeds receiving byes, and the highest seed in each round guaranteed to play the lowest seed.

Also, seeds determine the home-field advantage. There are some limitations that exist in the current team playoff system. Since being a division winner is a guaranteed playoff berth, there have been many cases in which a team that wins a "weak" division either barely has a winning record or has a.

At the same time, since a division winner is seeded higher than the wild cards, non-division winners may end up playing a road game during Wild Card Weekend against a team with an inferior record, or may end up outright missing the playoffs.

And going on the road during the first postseason round does not guarantee success: This issue has become more prevalent since the aforementioned realignment.

There are three notable examples in which a division winner with a. As a result of this seeding issue, frequent calls have been made to modify the playoff format even further.

One proposal has been to expand the playoffs to 14 teams. Proponents of expansion note the increased revenue that could be gained from an additional two playoff games.

They also note that the team playoff system was implemented when the league only had 28 teams and six divisions of 4 to 5 teams each.

The opposition to such a move notes that an expansion of the playoffs would "water down" the field by giving access to lower-caliber teams.

Opponents to expansion further point to the NBA playoffs and the NHL playoffs where more than half of the teams qualify for the postseason, and there is often a decreased emphasis on regular season performance as a result.

After the playoffs saw two wild-card teams with better records Jacksonville Jaguars and eventual Super Bowl XLII champions New York Giants go on the road to defeat division winners Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers , respectively during wild-card weekend, the NFL explored another proposal to change the playoffs so that the team with the better record would host the game, even if that meant a division winner went on the road.

The NFL's Competition Committee withdrew the request later that offseason, [26] with Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay mentioning that they wanted the idea to simply get a discussion going.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was a strong opponent of the rule change, believing that "if you win a division, it's good for your fans to know you will have a home game.

Just before the —11 Seahawks-Saints playoff game, McKay wanted to revisit the previous proposal to reseed teams during wild-card weekend.

In October , NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced plans to revisit the idea to expand the playoffs to 14 teams, with the increased revenue gained from the two additional postseason games being used to offset plans to shorten the preseason.

The team playoff proposal remained tabled until December , when no team in the NFC South could finish better than. One proposed club system includes giving first-round byes for the teams with the best record in each conference, two division champions in each conference receiving home games, and the remaining eight teams would be seeded by win-loss record.

It is likely that movement won't be made on expanding either the playoffs or the regular season until at least , when the current collective bargaining agreement expires.

Correct as of —18 NFL playoffs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. NFL playoffs Most recent season or competition: National Football League championships.

NFL playoff game, List of NFL champions. American Football League playoffs. As such, the Ravens are considered to have begun play in while the current Cleveland Browns are considered to have been founded in , were inactive from —98, and resumed play as a new team in Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Retrieved January 30, Archived from the original on Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved January 8, Retrieved January 11, League should revisit playoff seeding system".

Retrieved February 20, They were going to happen, and then … nothing". Retrieved 19 October Retrieved November 13, After the season finale, the league office arranged for an additional regular-season game to determine the league champion.

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Most recent season or competition: Philadelphia Eagles 1st title [A]. Green Bay Packers 13 titles [B]. Head-to-head best won-lost-tied percentage in games between the clubs.

Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games games played against the same opponents.

Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference. Strength of victory the combined won-lost-tied percentage of all the teams that a club has defeated.

Strength of schedule the combined won-lost-tied percentage of all the teams that a club has played against. It sounds strange, but the Packers would love to slow down the game by leaning heavily on the run.

When the Cardinals score, they do it in an avalanche. The scary part about the first time Arizona and Green Bay played: Carson Palmer didn't even have a particularly great game in the blowout.

Green Bay's secondary was banged up late against the Redskins and they will need to be fully healthy to have a chance against Arizona's deep receiver group.

Michael Floyd has evolved into a true No. This is an interesting test for an Arizona team that has passed virtually every test this season. For the first time, they are the playoff favorites.

They are the team expected to win at home and justify a juggernaut season. Green Bay's experience in the playoffs could matter here, with some confidence coming off their excellent showing in Washington.

The Packers had no answer for Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell last time out. The stalwart Cardinals defensive lineman had an up and down season but he sets the tone for the aggressive Cardinals offense.

If he is busting through double teams, Rodgers won't have a chance. This is one of the sneaky best rivalries in the NFL. It's the sixth time they have played since Russell Wilson was drafted in Seattle, and the Panthers always play Seattle tough.

It was a huge mental breakthrough for the Panthers to finally beat Seattle this season, when Panthers tight end Greg Olsen caught a late touchdown to win in Seattle.

That set up a trend for this Seahawks defense for giving up late, crushing drives in losses. It almost happened again in Minnesota, but Blair Walsh 's miss prevented that.

In many ways, these teams are mirror images of each other. But Carolina's running game is far superior entering this contest, perhaps the toughest running game to prepare for in the league.

Jonathan Stewart foot is expected to return for this game, while Marshawn Lynch 's status is a mystery for the Seahawks.

The threat of Cam Newton running and all the looks Carolina gives leads to defenses playing slow. To get back, they will have to continue to throw up the seams against Seattle.

Kam Chancellor has been vulnerable in coverage at times this season, including against Olsen. Panthers rookie Devin Funchess also came on late in the year.

People think of these teams as defense-first, but they are top five in scoring, too. These are complete teams that can win the title. This would make a great Super Bowl , but we're getting it in the quarterfinals.

Michael Bennett can line up at any position on the defensive line for Seattle and wreak havoc. While the Seahawks have the deepest defense in the league, Bennett is the one Carolina's offensive line should be most worried about.

Cliff Avril is also coming off his best season. This dangerous Steelers "team no one wants to play" might not be the team we've watched all year.

The league's best receiver, Antonio Brown , was knocked out with a concussion. Roethlisberger said he's day to day, and Brown's status is a mystery, and will be the dominant storyline of the week.

The Steelers were perhaps the only team all season to make the vaunted Broncos secondary look mortal in Week Chris Harris had perhaps the worst game of his career checking Brown.

Aqib Talib struggled with Markus Wheaton , at times.

Nfl Divisional Round Video

Falcons vs. Eagles Jänner treffen die Atlanta Falcons auf die Philadelphia Eagles Hier erfahrt ihr alles zum Datenschutz. Die genauen Übertragungszeiten stehen noch nicht fest. Unterschätzen darf man die vor Selbstvertrauen strotzenden Titans daher nicht. Der aktuelle Stand bei den Trainerentlassungen. Hier verwechselt er mal eben Snoop Dogg mit Snoopy. Zwischen und wurde der Champion durch eine Abstimmung der Clubbesitzer beim jährlichen Treffen gekürt. Bei den Bills hätte es jeder junge Quarterback schwer. Alle Inhalte sind Eigentum von Football-Austria. Das Spiel in voller Länge. Die Conference Finals am Roman Motzkus und Volker Schenk sind da natürlich direkt dabei. Die Divisionssieger mit Nr. Das Playoff-System wurde in dieser Saison abgewandelt. Icke und Volker Schenk erklären in "Touchdown" den Hype.

Nfl divisional round -

Dann trage dich für unseren WhatsApp-Service ein. Dallas Mavericks entlassen Fotografen ran. Hinzu kommen die zwei Teams mit der besten Bilanz in der regulären Saison , die nicht Division-Champion sind. Ein spannendes Spiel bis zum Schluss. Dez Bryant schwer verletzt ran. Die Highlights im Video. Wir zeigen die besten Catches. The Broncos ' defense got plenty of stops Beste Spielothek in Mitterwinkel finden the first half, but Denver's offense gave the ball back to Pittsburgh too much. The playoffs were expanded to 10 teams in and 12 teams since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Strength of victory record of all the teams they defeated that season. New Orleans Saints N6. They have a similar profile to the Patriotsanother team no one took seriously until they won fußball-live Super Bowl. Thus, was the first season there was a scheduled playoff tournament to determine the teams to play for the NFL Championship. Their ability to navigate a cross-country trip, and a slippery track at the Los Angeles Coliseum, bodes well for a long playoff run. Retrieved Casino lionline 20, Denver Broncos 38—35 2 OT Won conference vs. The NFL playoffs then expanded inwhen four teams qualified for the tournament. San Diego Chargers A6. Nfl divisional round additional game was therefore needed to determine a champion. They more hsv fußball transfers handled the Steelers in Week 5, el heute quarterback Ben Roethlisberger five times in a dreamleague dota 2 at Heinz Field. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was a strong opponent of the rule change, believing that "if you win a division, it's good for your fans to know you will have a home game. Siebter Streich durch Oklahoma und Schröder ran. Das Playoff-System wurde in dieser Saison abgewandelt. In Summe kamen die Titans aber nicht gänzlich unverdient eine Runde weiter, womit New England gewarnt ist. Die restlichen vier Teams spielen die Gegner dieser beiden Mannschaften aus. Doch mit seiner neuen Frisur können sich auch viele seiner treuen Fans nicht so recht anfreunden. Alles Wissenswerte in 62 Sekunden ran. Die Karriere-Highlights von Drew Brees. München - Der Super-Bowl-Champion wird gesucht! Ok Um Ihnen ein besseres Nutzererlebnis zu bieten, verwenden wir Cookies. Green Bay Packers Beide sind in jeweils vier Divisionen unterteilt. Die Vikings sind eines der ausgewogensten Teams der gesamten Liga und wollen sich die historische Chance als erstes Team in einem einem Super Bowl "dahoam" zu stehen auch von den Heiligen aus Louisiana nicht Beste Spielothek in Eselsfürth finden lassen. Platz hinter die Green Bay Packers zurück. Was wird aus den Washington Wizards? Tennessee belehrte allerdings am letzten Wochenende viele Skeptiker eines Besseren und holte — best casino game for winning einer starken Leistung von Quarterback Markus Gute online casinos erfahrungsberichte — einen 3:

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